Monday, February 28, 2011

100 Gifts and Counting

Thank You Father for these gifts...

83) Prugs (Prayer Hugs) before Heath leaves in the mornings.
84) My friend no longer receiving cancer treatments, but God continuing to add to her strength, energy, and time.
85) God's trustworthiness in the midst of painful and hard times.
86) Selfless husband
87) Talking to my Dad on the phone
88) Seeing pics on Facebook of nieces and nephews who live 1,000 miles away
89) Conviction
90) Niece turning 7
91) Bright red male cardinal at bird feeder.
92) Ironing done
93) Toothless little girl trying to eat corn on the cob
94) Daughter winning 2nd place in a poetry contest.
95) Seeing God do something doctors never believed would happen.
96) Getting to have an extra child for the weekend
97) Saturday morning cereal, cartoons, and giggles
98) Husband giving me more time on Saturday so I can lock myself in our room and have more time to commune with God.
99) Watching little artists work
100) Rest at the end of a long day.

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