Monday, November 29, 2010

My Animal Family

We received a copy of "Nanuq" which is a lovely book in a series called, "My Animal Family." This product is more than a book though. You and your child will enjoy reading a story with gorgeous illustrations from a baby animal's perspective, watch a DVD with beautiful footage of the animal in his natural habitat, and have the opportunity to participate in games and online activities over at the MAF Kids Club!

With this resource you and your child will learn about things like the animals habitat, geography, seasons, and about the Aurora Borealis. This book and DVD is sure to lead any animal loving child down a lot of "rabbit trails" that lead to learning. A common statement I hear in my home is, "Mom, what is _______? Can we look it up?" For instance, my children didn't know what the Aurora Borealis was, so we took the time to learn about it because of information they learned while watching the DVD.

This book costs $12.99, and for this price you get a lot more than just a book. You also receive a DVD, access to their game/activity website with the "secret passcode" that's included in your package, and a membership card to the My Animal Family Club.

Would you like to view a preview of the live action DVD? Click HERE!
We reviewed the book about polar bears, but there are other animal families to learn about. Click here for the entire list of options.

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*I received this copy for free, for review purposes*

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