Friday, September 24, 2010

Weekly Wrap-Up: The One With Some Prettiness

We worked hard this week! I am really trying to be more consistent in using our notebooks to help wrap up our lessons and make sure the children have actually learned. I know if they can write or draw about the subject matter, then they have comprehended the material as we've read and experimented. I wish I was a crafty and creative Mom and could swing all the cute and elaborate lapbooks, but notebooks just "fit" me better. This week we wrapped up our study on the Aztecs, and I made some notebook pages from information I found at this site. We are continuing our lessons through Considering God's Creation, and finished up our study on fish. Below is a picture of the children doing an experiment to learn how a fish's swim bladder works.

K learned how to play chess from her Dad, and now K is teaching me. She beat me again this week! She thinks that is pretty cool.

This week, I introduced my children to School House Rock. They listened to the adverb song. You can find many of their videos over at youtube. They actually liked it more than it appears in this picture. They wanted to listen to several other School House Rock songs.

This picture makes me want to cry, cry, cry!!!!! I am so proud of this little man! He is already reading his second chapter book this school year! Something in his brain just clicked and he is reading so well! I am thankful for the Lord's guidance in training and teaching this little man. He requires a lot of love, patience, grace, and one-on-one instruction, and I am beginning to see the fruits of our labor. Again, I give all the praise and glory to the Lord.

I finally remembered to take my camera to K's piano lesson this week and snapped a shot of her. She loves her piano teacher and enjoys here time there each week! K is beginning to work on Christmas music for her holiday recital.

L (the 5-year-old) is continuing her reading, writing, and math lessons. She is so funny, and is really catching on with her reading. When she reads a word correctly she gives me a high five, wiggles her little fingers, and says, "Sparkles" in her sweet, high-pitched little voice. She also wrote a poem this week I would like to share with you. She told me to only write down what she says, and I did.


Weeds are pretty
It's God's creation
Some weeds are blue like the sky
Some weeds are white like the clouds
Some weeds are yellow like the sun
Some weeds are red like the sunset
Some weeds are green like the grass

When she was done she said, "This is prettiness."

Prettiness...I agree!

This is a brief wrap-up of our week. How was your week? To read more weekly wrap-ups, head over to Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers.


Ellen said...

We watched Schoolhouse Rock this week, too! They are fabulous.

I wish I could play chess.

What a great week you all had!

Giggly Girls said...

Awesome week! School House Rock is a favorite at our house too.

Our Village is a Little Different said...

It sounds like a week full of blessings. I am finally getting to this week's blog walk. I'm glad I stopped by again. (I still love Schoolhouse Rock!)

Sharla said...

Very cute poem by your five year old. She is quite descriptive!

I had a late reader who struggled so much and now, I cannot get him to put the books down! He reads at least three novels a week and is always begging me to get him new books! What a blessing that is after my worries when he was nine and not reading!

Lisa said...

Great pictures and love the poem! stopping by on the blog walk to say hi!

Stephanie said...

And now I'll be singing the Adverb Song all day. :) I'm so glad y'all are having a good year so far!

Marla said...

Looks like everything is going very well.Love the pictures!Blessings,Marla Grace