Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Plan Failed

It was my plan for us to start our new school year this past Wednesday, August 11th. That did not happen. Some sort of bad cold/flu bug flew to our house and one by one we have all been hit. So, we are resting and getting out of our routine and forgetting all the habits we've been working on, but God is faithful and He will meet our needs, be our strength and our focus, even in the midst of all my plans failing. I was having trouble sleeping last night and so I took time to pray. One thing I prayed about was my children's education. I laid myself and my children at the foot of the cross (once again). I am going to strive to be empty of myself and full of Holy Spirit this year (Eph. 5:18 and Jn. 3:30), and seek Christ first and His Kingdom and His righteousness (Mt. 6:33). When all my plans fail, it's a great reminder to me that I am not the one in control or in charge - God is, and I am thankful He remains and always will remain on His throne (Rev. 7:10).

3 John 1:4
I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.

May this always be my focus - seeing my children walk in truth rather than academics being my only focus.


Anonymous said...

Hi, I'm from Pastor's wives on the web (clicked a link to get your blog)...we've had those days & weeks when school didn't work the way WE planned. I'm praying that you will have a fantastic school year - I'm sure God has something wonderful in store for your family! Blessings, Laura

Marla said...

We just had that same thing go through here.It has taken about 3 weeks to get through everyone.Yuck.Love this post!Amen!Blessings,Marla Grace

Embracing Destiny said...

So true! My "plans" haven't gone the way I thought either, but sometimes that's part of the "Big Plan," isn't it?

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