Thursday, August 5, 2010

Celebrating Back to School

Today over at The Homeschool Village, some are sharing their ideas about how to make getting back into the school routine special! Do you have something you would like to share and link up? Perhaps you're looking for some ideas to help make that first official day a bit more like a celebration! Head over to the Homeschool Village and read through the link ups for some ideas today! But wait...I have just a little something I want to share with you about how we make the day special!

On the first official day of a new school year we take pictures of the kids. Here is a collage of last year's pictures.

We refill their school supply boxes with new, fresh school supplies. My daughter, K is like me - she loves a NEW box of crayons. This year, I have a little fun surprise (not school related) I am going to hide in each of their school supply boxes - I can't wait to see their surprised little faces!

We usually get things rolling with what I call a "slow start." The first week we don't do ALL the subjects, we gradually get up to speed. This makes this easier on all of us, and helps me evaluate whether the schedule I have on paper actually plays out in real life.


Layton Family Joy said...

Thanks Nikki - great idea, not school related treat. I'll need to think of that next year!

Thanks for linking up again and supporting the HSV!

joelle said...

It is nice to meet you through the homeschool vilage link up. I am always glad to find fellow christian homeschooling moms(and married to mmen in the ministry). I have been thinking may be I shoud get that first day of school picture!

Lora @ my blessed life said...

There's just something about new school supplies, isn't there?:)

Angela @ Refresh My Soul Blog said...

LOVE new school supplies. Want to know what the surprise will be!! :)

Nikki said...

I found bags of silly bands for $1.00. So each of the children will be getting their very own bag of silly bands. It was inexpensive and small enough to fit inside their school supply boxes.