Monday, July 12, 2010

World Changers, Round 2

This week is round two of World Changers for my husband. He and a dozen others from our church left for Neptune, NJ. The picture below was taken of our family at the Trenton, MO World Changers project. The kids and I are staying behind this time. We will be babysitting a couple days for a Momma who is going on this trip as first aid coordinator, going to the library for a Travelling Reptiles program, and hopefully squeezing in some fun, rest, and relaxation.

Today (July 12th) is also my husband's birthday! This is the second year in a row he's been away on a mission trip on his birthday. But don't worry, we celebrated before he left! I would like to ask you to pray for this team of missionaries. Many of them are only teenagers, and this is their first experience with service and evangelism. I am praying for them to come back changed, and continue to live their lives walking with and serving our Savior!


Shannon said...

Good morning! I'm lifting your hubby and group up.

They are about 40 minutes north of where I used to live. **sniff**

Tell him to take a really big whiff of Jersey shore air for me (and happy birthday to him).

Nikki said...

Awh, Shannon, I'll tell him to take a big sniff for you, my friend:)

I've never been to the Jersey shore before. Maybe I can go next time!

Becki Bishop, Bassett, VA said...

We just got home from the Neptune site, and he did a magnificent job challenging everyone with his messages. God bless your whole family!

Nikki said...

Thank you so much, Becki! I sure do miss him while he's away, but I am so thankful the Lord gave him this opportunity to serve Him!