Saturday, July 17, 2010

Summer Project Update #2

My son got a great start to his summer project this week! Our local library hosted a wonderful reptile program. The children got to see all kinds of creepy (I mean wonderful) things. At the end all the children got to take turns touching a corn snake! T checked out a lot of books about reptiles before we left, and we picked up literature about reptiles that are native to Pennsylvania! It was so much fun! I love our local library!

All THREE of our caterpillars have transformed into beautiful butterflies! We are enjoying watching them fly around in their small cage. We will be saying good-bye on Monday and releasing them so they can enjoy the outdoors like their Creator intended.

My son is participating in the butterfly summer project, and my two daughters are also participating in the reptile project their brother chose. I didn't really plan it this way, but it just has happened naturally. Someone very wise (Charlotte Mason) once said, "Learning is an atmosphere."

I saw a quote today on a wall decoration at a local gift shop that said, "A great teacher loves teaching others to love learning." I want to be that kind of great teacher!


Shannon said...

"'A great teacher loves teaching others to love learning.' I want to be that kind of great teacher!"

ABSOLUTELY! That is what I've said from the beginning and why I love using CM methods. When we started this adventure, my daughter was already showing signs of not liking school. (She was in public school for K-2.) It was my goal to turn that around.

Nikki said...

Shannon, that is why I love the CM method as well! Have you ever read "For the Children's Sake" ? It is a wonderful book!