Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Learning to Juggle

This summer, we participated in a summer program hosted by our county's newspaper. The children had to complete a total of 10 activities, mail the activities to the newspaper office by July 15th, and as a reward, they will receive a free admission ticket to Hershey Park. One of the activities they chose to do was to make balls out of newspaper and then attempt to juggle. I had to take a picture of each child trying to juggle and then mail it in as proof they completed the activity.

This is my favorite juggling picture. It cracks me up!

I am now investigating some discounted rates for tickets for my husband and I so we can plan our trip to Hershey Park! We're looking forward to it!

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Brenda Davis said...

Six Flags offers a Reading Program where if a child reads 6 hours within a certain time period, they get a free admission ticket. My kids did this when they were in public school and someone within our homeschool group acts as the coordinator so we are still able to participate. The great thing about doing it as homeschoolers is that the teacher, a.k.a. ME, also gets a free admission ticket. Since Mara started Kindergarten this year, we got 3 free children's tickets and 1 for me. So now we only have to get a ticket for Keith. It's a much, MUCH cheaper way for us to go!