Monday, June 7, 2010


We went strawberry picking today. It was a beautiful day to be out enjoying nature too! We picked a little over 9 pounds of berries!

My sweet friend, "Miss" Linda taught me how to can strawberry jam. I always make freezer jam because I do not have all the canning equipment. We had a lot of fun! She even has a cute little strawberry kitchen. Do you see the strawberries on her walls in this picture?

I froze a lot of the berries. First, I wash in my Nature's Sunshine Concentrate, rinse, and let them dry. Then I lay them flat on a cookie sheet until they are frozen and then I put them in freezer bags. When we want to use some for a dessert, fruit smoothies, or milk shakes, I just pull out what I need from the bag because they are all individually frozen and not one large clump in the bag.

We hope to be able to pick blueberries next!

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Sandra said...

Looks like fun! Glad you were able to get so many!