Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ideal Curriculum ~ TOS Review

Some members of the TOS Crew received one unit from Ideal Curriculum to download, use, and review. Ideal Curriculum offers 9 monthly kits for preschool-aged children. Each kit covers literacy, math/calendar, and science/social studies. Each monthly kit costs $30 for the downloadable version or $55 for the print version.

When I finished downloading one kit from Ideal Curriculum, I had a total of 4 files:
1) Teacher Manual
2) Read Files (things to read w/ your child)
3) Print Files (printables for your child)
4) Music Files (mp3 files of songs that correspond with the lessons)

Each week is well planned, and a wide variety of activities are offered in the lessons. So far, we have spent time doing a couple of math lessons. While doing the math lessons, my husband and I discovered that our preschooler cannot count BACKWARDS from 10! So, we're working on that using the elevator game recommended in this kit, and it makes it a lot more fun! We have also done a few of the literacy lessons that focused on vertical, horizontal, curves, and diagonal lines. My preschooler is very much an auditory learner, so a song like, "Letter Lines" really suits her personal learning style!

I believe this is a well rounded preschool curriculum. I like it because it is a nice, gentle and fun approach to learning, and that fits our family's learning style quite nicely. Personally, for our family, I could never justify spending $30/month for a preschool curriculum. But, I do think purchasing a kit or two and sharing the expense and learning experience in a homeschool co-op setting would be a good option.

The entire month of May, Ideal Curriculum is offering a valuable coupon code for 10% off. The coupon code is welovekids.

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