Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Time 4 Learning ~ TOS Crew Review

Time 4 Learning is an online educational program. As a member of the TOS Crew, I received a 30-day membership to their NEW Pre-K program. My youngest daughter (who just turned 5) was thrilled to be the special "tester" in our family for this product.

There are over 40 topics for your preschooler to choose from that are divided between two separate levels of difficulty. If your child can use a mouse and listen and follow simple auditory commands, they will be able to navigate easily and enjoy the activities independently. The above picture gives you a screen shot of the games/activities on level 2.

My daughter enjoyed this very much, and she will be disappointed when our 30-day membership expires. Even though I think this is a fun and educational program, I think the MONTHLY membership fee is a bit steep. The price is $19.95/month for the first child and $14.95 for each additional child. So, in order to enroll all three of my children that would be a monthly expense of $49.85!

If you would like to see if Time 4 Learning is something your family would benefit from and enjoy, you can click here for free lesson demos.

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Lynn said...

We also use http://www.time4learning.com & my kids love it too!
For us the price isn't too high:)
Its not because we are rich,Far from it! We live on my disabled husband SS checks....
For us Time4Learning is so complete that we use it as our core curriculum.
To us its cheaper to use this program then to spend loads of money on book curriculum...Most Book curriculum that i have seen on the market cost way more then
I think that this is a good option for someone on a budget if this was all they were planning on using .

Hope it was okay to add my thoughts to you review ;)

Nikki said...

Lynn, of course it is okay for you to add your thoughts. I appreciate it very much! It is always nice to read about other's perspectives. Homeschooling is so great b/c you can definitely find something that is a good fit for your family! I am glad Time 4 Learning works for your family!
For our family, this site would be a supplement/addition to our core curriculum. We are very much literature-based (Charlotte Mason Style)home educators.