Thursday, April 22, 2010

Super Star Speech ~ TOS Crew Review

When my daughter, K was around 4-years-old we noticed she had difficulty with the /th/ sound. So, a good friend of mine who has a speech pathology background recommended just spending a few minutes each day playing games with her to help her practice the /th/ sound. This worked great! She didn't get stressed or worried that she sounded silly, we just made a game out of practicing words that mostly ended with the /th/ sound (like her Daddy's name, Heath). This type of fun practice is exactly what you will find in Deborah Lott's Super Star Speech products, and so much more! K is now 7-years-old and doesn't have any problems with the /th/ sound. Although, she does occasionally have a problem with the /r/ sound. For example she has to really focus and concentrate on words like girl, shrill, shrink, and squirrel. Deborah Lott's Super Star R and L: Speech Therapy Made Easy has given me some tools to use to help her have fun practicing another challenging sound for her.

  • Specific instructions and tips for teaching the R and L sounds
  • 168 picture cards that can be used straight from the book or copied onto card stock for greater durability
  • Games, worksheets, and activities to make practice fun
  • Reproducible lesson plan forms
I appreciate the author's thoroughness in her introduction of her books. She makes it clear that her books are not meant to replace speech therapy, but if your child has only a few articulation issues, this book may help you (the parent) help your child correct the errors. I also believe these books would be an awesome tool to use at home as a supplement to a child's speech therapy program.

Super Star Speech, Speech Therapy Made Easy includes an articulation test, specific instructions for teaching all sounds, and fun games and activities to use for practice. This book comes in a 3-ring binder for $22.95 or you can do an e-book download for $18.95.
There are also three additional books available from Super Star Speech that focus on more specific articulation errors. Each spiral bound book sells for $18.95, or you can get a 30% off discount if you choose to purchase an automatic e-book download. The three additional books include: 1) Super Star R & L, 2) Super Star S, Z, and Sh, 3) Super Star Ch, J, Th

There are also 11 Super Star Games available from Super Star Speech that can be purchased from Curr-Click for $3.50 as instant downloads. We downloaded The Insect Game. It looks like a lot of fun, and we plan on using it in a few weeks when we cover insects in our science curriculum.

If you would like to know how your child would do on an articulation test, or you already know your child has articulation errors, I would encourage you to investigate products from Super Star Speech. Information in these books may give you the tools you need in order to help your child, or help you realize if your child may need more help than you can provide.


Debbie said...

Thanks for your review!

Debbie Lott

Nikki said...

You are welcome! I believe these books are a wonderful resource!