Saturday, February 20, 2010

Library Day

This is our loot from our trip to the library yesterday. Do you see that green basket? You can actually check these out from our library and you simply return it like you would anything else. How cool is that? The entire green basket is filled with books my 8-year-old son picked out. The brown shopping bag is filled with the books the girls picked out, and the canvas bag is filled with books I chose for next week's Social studies lessons! On Thursday, I spent some time searching the library's online catalog for books that would enhance our Social Studies lessons, I wrote down all the books I thought would be good options, and took the list with me. When we got to the library I was able to pull all the books from the shelves quickly and was able to relax and enjoy library time with my children. I am so thankful to live near a wonderful library! Our homeschool program is rich in literature and a foundational part of our curriculum. There are many days I spend so much time reading aloud that I have a sore throat. I am thankful my older two children are becoming more independent readers, but I don't foresee us giving up our special read-aloud times anytime soon because I see it as an integral part of our lives. What I do see changing is WHO does the reading aloud.


Debra said...

I love hearing that people aren't going to give up reading aloud, as I plan to continue reading aloud, even to my high schoolers.... I can't imagine giving it up. :)

Nikki said...

I have a dear friend who is a little older than me and by her example I have learned the importance of continuing to read aloud to your children, and also to continue to pray aloud with your children. I'm thankful for these types of "Titus 2" women God has placed in my life to teach me and encourage me.