Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Still Life Portrait

We are still using Artistic Pursuits, and this week the children did a still life portrait. My son is usually not EXCITED about art, but this week he really got into it. I let the children arrange anything they wanted for a still life portrait. He said he wanted a bouquet of flowers, but all our flowers are dead. So, we went outside and snapped off a couple colorful small branches from a tree in our front yard, stuck them in a vase, and put a small gourd next to it. The gourd is special to my little man because he grew it himself in our garden!

He sketched the design with a pencil first, then colored it with watercolor crayons, and then "painted" it with water to make it look like a painting. We LOVE watercolor crayons! They are so much fun! They do break easily though, but that doesn't stop us from continuing to use them.

Here's the finished product! I am so PROUD of him! He did a great job! I love how he worked to blend different colors together!