Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Fall Drawings and Poems

South for the Winter

Birds fly south for the winter.
Sometimes they come back another day.
The deer roam in the pastures,
going south for the winter to hibernate.
The rabbits go in their burrows to hibernate.
Next Spring they come out.
The ants get inside their anthills
because they know it's Winter.
The woodpecker pecks at the tree
looking for food at Winter.
The owl begins hibernating also.
The squirrels see it's time for them to hibernate.
That's what they do.
The Mommy bird watches her younglings fly away from home
and go south for the winter.
The leaves fall.
The leaves are in bright colors.
The snow piles up on the tree.
The End
(drawing and poem done by my 8-year-old son, T)

Fall is coming
Fall is here
It's time for Winter
because it's near
The wind blows
The leaves change colors
Yellow and
The leaves change colors
Birds fly south
Animals sleep
The leaves are beautiful
The trees blow in the wind
The flowers are gone
And it's time to go in
(drawing and poem by my 6-year-old daughter, K)


sarah in the woods said...

These are lovely! Your kids are really talented.

Lynn said...

Love the poetry. And the drawings!! That first one is just FULL of creatures. I love creatures of nature. :)