Saturday, July 4, 2009

Review ~ Dramatic Audio Bible

The WORD of PROMISE, next generation, NEW TESTAMENT is a dramatic audio Bible with an all-star cast. It contains 3 MP3 CDs with over 23 hours of listening!

My children, ages 7, 6, and 4 enjoyed listening to this during quiet times around the house. I also enjoyed listening to this, even if it is marketed for a younger generation. Recently my husband was teaching a weekly Bible study on the book of James. It was nice to play the book of James and listen to it during that time.

At Christmas, we listened to the various gospel accounts of Christ's birth. At Easter, we listened to the passages of His resurrection!

The booklet insert inside the case says, "MP3 Discs can be played on: almost all computers with a CD and/or DVD drive, many home DVD players, portable MP3 players, CD players labeled 'MP3 compatible.' They will not play on standard CD players." I had to play mine in my DVD player, because the CD player we have in our family room is a bit ancient. It worked quite well for our family! It is easy to select what book and chapter you'd like to listen to.

Honestly, this was my first experience with any type of audio Bible. Our entire family has enjoyed it very much!

Click here to read more details about the all-star cast on the Thomas Nelson website, and purchase a copy for yourself or your family today!


Lori said...

I also review for Thomas Nelson (in fcat, this set was the first thing I reviewed!) but have somehow missed the nifty little button for the sidebar. Where did you find that?

I have God's Little Princess Devotional right now to review. It's really cute, hopefully I'll get to it this week. For now it's off to the beach!

nikkit3 said...

Lori, after I posted the review this weekend, the button was on the bottom of the page. It is designed to take your readers directly to all the reviews you've written for Thomas Nelson.

Maybe you could find it on your profile page???