Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Book Review ~ Radical Womanhood

Radical Womanhood...Feminine Faith in a Feminist World by Carolyn McCulley takes an honest look at the history of the feminist movement and how society has changed as a result.

McCulley walks you through the history of feminism and reveals how our Creator, His Word, and His design for families is defied by many of the movement's leaders.

"The history of the feminist ideology is manifestly anti-mother, anti-child, and anti-Jesus" (142). Does this sound harsh and maybe a little unbelievable? Radical Womanhood reveals the often hidden truths of the feminist movement.

McCulley makes it clear that there is a difference between restoring God given rights to women and setting women above both men and God (32). As a former feminist, McCulley is able to write this book from an informed perspective. Her writing is also grounded in sound historical research and Biblical study.

I hope you will take the time to read this book, so you can evaluate whether the feminist beliefs you may have are shaped by society or God's Word.

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Celebrate Every Day said...

This is such a good book! One of my favorites. I hope others read it after reading your review!