Friday, April 24, 2009


When I remember what spelling was like in September with the children, it does not bring back happy memories. There were lots of tears involved. Tears of frustration, anger, and sadness. It just was not fun. Honestly, I don't think the children were ready for it. We needed to gently slide into this new item added to our schedule. So, I eased up a bit, and I investigated ways to make spelling more FUN! Hey...I had NEVER taught spelling (as a subject) before with the children. Spelling isn't something covered in Preschool and Kindergarten curriculums. I hope some of the things I've learned this school year will help another family. I think when our children get anxious, upset, and are moved to tears over a spelling TEST, it's truly time to relax, take a step back and re-evaluate things.

Fun online resource
  • You can enter your spelling list for the week, and the children can play a variety of different games to help them learn the words, and they can even take a test when they're ready.
Spelling without Pencils
magnetic letters, plastic letter tiles, and/or Scrabble letter tiles
  • The children can practice building their words using magnetic letters, plastic letter tiles, or the wooden letter tiles from a Scrabble game. The children look at the word on their list, say the word, and then build the word using the tiles.
Peek and Spell
  • Say the word you are about to spell on a white board. Then, break the word down by each sound.  Write the sounds as you say the sound. Then, say the word one more time, and let your children take one last PEEK before you ERASE the word and they then SPELL the word on their papers. 
Now, our spelling lesson plans for the week look like this:
Monday: introduce new words and write each word one time.
Tuesday: spelling without pencils
Wednesday: peek and spell
Thursday: spelling test
*Spelling city is used as a fun activity from time to time when children need it or ask for it.
*We occasionally will quiz the children during dinner for extra practice, but always try to make it fun!


GMmom said...

fun! i'm not a homeschooler, but as the mom of a first grader I know reviewing spelling can get frustrating-- we've done things like get out pom-poms and cheer the words ("give me a C!") or even try a different locale, like writing the words with chalk on the driveway.

Jessica said...

JR BOGGLE, is also a great game! A loves it!

PW said...

Good job!! Nice site, I'll bookmark and come back.

nikkit3 said...

GMmom, those are some great ideas. Thanks for sharing! Jess, I totally forgot about Jr. Boggle!