Thursday, November 13, 2008

Poems and Stories About Autumn

This week, the children wrote poems about autumn. Can you guess which one was written by my daughter and which one was written by my son?
I gave the children these prompts in order to write the poems:
I see...
I hear...
I smell...
I feel (touch)...
I feel (emotion)...

Dancing with the Leaves

Leaves that are bright and yellow and red
Sweet sounds of birds singing and tweeting
Fish and water
Soft, furry, good, and smooth
Excited, glad, and makes me want to dance.

Having Fun
Fish, water, and bright red leaves
a song
mud and fungus

Do you think my son wrote number 1 or number 2? Hope the manure, mud, and fungus doesn't give it away automatically to anyone!
I think they both did wonderful jobs.

The children also wrote a story together. They took turns writing the story, line by line.

My Life as a Leaf

I am a leaf. At springtime I begin to grow. When it's summer, it gets really hot, and my leaves are green. It's fall now, and I'm gonna change colors. I'm gonna be red. Then I fall off the tree. I decompose, and turn brown because I'm dying. It's winter. I see a snowball that has my friends, that are leaves in it. These leaves are still trying to decompose.
The End

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