Thursday, October 9, 2008

Poetry and Art

Holding Hands

by Lenore M. Link

Elephants walking
Along the trails

Are holding hands
By holding tails.

Trunks and tails
Are handy things

When elephants walk
In Circus rings.

Elephants work
And elephants play

And elephants walk
And feel so gay.

And when they walk -
It never fails

They're holding hands
By holding tails.


These are pictures the two older children drew in response to the above poem.

Kaitlyn's Artwork

Tyler's Artwork


Sandra said...

Too cute! We talked about elephants this week too!

Jessica said...

showed Allison this post and she wants to know where L's pic is!?!? lol

nikkit3 said...

Well, I guess I need to scan some of L's artwork and post it so Allison can see it:-) How sweet of her to think of her other cousin.