Monday, September 22, 2008

Another Meatless Meal

This is the meatless recipe we're going to try this week (minus the smoked sausage).

I was planning on Monday being our meatless meal each week. But, we had some leftovers in the fridge that needed to be consumed asap, so we're going to go meatless Tuesday!

Last week, Caitlyn from left a comment on my Meatless Monday blog entry. First of all, I didn't even know there was some sort of national campaign to encourage all of us Americans to go meatless on Monday, I just happen to really like alliterations:-) Anyway, go check out the site I mentioned above. It's full of wonderful information and recipes!

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nikkit3 said...

I prepared the recipe. It needs some extra spice to it. Not sure exactly what and how much I added. But, I do know I used salt, pepper, garlic, and a tiny bit of red pepper:-)