Friday, October 3, 2014

Collage Friday: A Week Filled with Writing

On Monday afternoon the children went to another swimming lesson, then we stopped by McDonalds to get a small treat, and visited the library. 

Tuesday was co-op day and Kaitlyn got to attend a FREE charcoal pastel art class at our local library. She was a dirty mess when she got home. Ha! 

On Sunday, the girls performed with their Signs Choir during our worship service and on Wednesday they had AWANA club, and Tyler and I had youth group. If you work with children or youth, I recommend visiting Fun Ninja to find a wide variety of fun games. I use this site almost weekly to come up with new games to use with our group. 

This week, we worked on editing a lot. The children had written mini reports and notebook pages on Eisenhower, JFK, and they chose someone from the Civil Rights Movement to write about. Here is Lauren writing about Rosa Parks. 

Lauren is growing a lot as a writer. She wrote a rough draft on her own and then I work with her as an editing buddy. She was so proud of her Rosa Parks notebook page once she was done and I was too! 

Next week in history we will learn about President Johnson and possibly start a unit on the Vietnam War if a book I requested from the library arrives in time.

The children are becoming stronger in their independent subjects and know what needs to be done each morning so our afternoons are filled with read alouds, activities, errands, chores, and free time.

I'm linking up again this week with Homegrown Learner's Collage Friday.  Take some time to visit this weekend for some home educating inspiration and encouragement.


Phyllis said...

It is great that the writing is strong. That is the most important piece I believe. Sounds like you had a great and fun week.

Ashley Pichea [] said...

It's such a blessing when the kids become independent enough with their studies to be able to do them on their own with just a little assistance and/or prompting to stay on task!