Friday, September 5, 2014

Sick Kids, School Work, and Youth Group

This was a week full of sickness, school work, and youth group. My church was gracious enough to give me the opportunity to serve as the director of youth ministry at our church. This means I get to plan games, activities, and weekly Bible studies for teenagers. I had so much fun on our kick-off night, which was Wednesday and judging by the amount of laughter in the room, I think others did as well. My oldest child is in the youth group and his sister will join him next year. Heath (my husband) and I have been involved in youth ministry for most of our 15 years of marriage and it is weird - very weird to be the parent of a youth now. It's a good weird though. 

Heath had the day off on Monday and Kaitlyn was sick, so we were pretty slow and lazy. We played games, looked at old scrapbooks, and just lounged around. 

Wearing vampire teeth makes reading more fun even when you're not reading about vampires, but Ella Enchanted. Lauren listened to the audio version of this book, but decided she also wanted to read it. I guess she likes it. The children are still breezing through their Teaching Textbooks lessons and next week I have got to get them started on some more challenging activities through Khan Academy. We really like Teaching Textbooks, but my kids often complain about the first few weeks being so easy and boring. 

In history this week, the children studied President Eisenhower and each wrote a paper for me. I found this online resource helpful and the older children enjoyed reading information on their own and the short video was an added bonus too. If notebooking is your thing, you might enjoy this FREE Eisenhower notebook page. 

My daughter, Kaitlyn, was sick most of the week, but still managed to get all her assignments completed. Today, she was not running a fever and feeling so much better we ran up to the library and got her registered for a babysitting workshop, book club, and an art workshop. Our family LOVES our local library and are so very thankful for all the wonderful programs and resources.

Next week we start 6 weeks of swimming lessons at our local YMCA, and we are looking forward to adding that to our schedule.

I am linking up with Homegrown Learner's Collage Friday again this week. Be sure and check out this fun link-up for homeschool inspiration and support. This week Mary shares how to find encouragement when you have a bad week. Be sure and check out other bloggers who link up as well.


Unknown said...

Oh, no! Sick! I have been reading about a number of our kiddos sick already this new school year! :/ But she was so productive! All the best with your church group! Sounds like fun for everyone!

Mary Prather said...

Hi Nikki -

It is odd to have a child in middle/high school youth activities, I know! My husband and I are teaching Grant's Sunday School class this year, and then I suspect it's no more little kid stuff for us at church because our children are growing up!

I'm very thankful for you. Thank you for linking with Collage Friday!