Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Adding More Gifts to the List

Thank You Father, for these gifts...

241) A friend who will pray for me over the phone.

242) Victory over lies.

243) Working in the yard together.

244) A new bird bath for the garden.

245) A slow paced weekend.

246) Ice cream cones and the park.

247) Little girl asking, "Mommy, how was your day?"

248) Little girl going forward in church to tell everyone she asked Jesus to come into her life!


susan@thoughtfulspot said...

Dropping by from Ann's today . . . your little girl touches my heart . . . I have two daughters, 20 and 21, now, but I remember . . .thank you

Craig said...

I hearted the whole list. And I hearted the menu down below – if I had only read that sooner I may have invited myself over for dinner – all week.

But the last one – the little girl going forward. That one gets my heart. I think, What would life have been like if I had done that at her age?m" I did it about 20 years later. It just has to be better having Jesus with you from the start. This makes me smile. Happy for her. Happy for you. God bless and keep you and all of yours this day.

Craig said...

PS slight correction there – I meant second favorite – funny how one word changes everything :-)

i cant decide said...

I love working in the yard with my family.

My oldest daughter often asks me how my day is going, cute.